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Тест: определение уровня английского языка

Пройдите небольшой бесплатный тест по английскому, который поможет определить Ваш уровень знания языка

Part 1

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. My son doesn’t go to school yet. He is __________ years old.

2. Mary sells clothes for women. She’s __________.

3. He __________ in love with her from the first sight.

4. He was accused of __________ their private property.

5. He hates flying and he never travels __________.

6. What has happened to Jim? He __________ very happy today.

7. I’m going to __________ a joga class.

8. Peter was found __________ of stealing a big sum if money.

9. Alex, please stop singing that song! It’s very __________.

10. Listen, Harry! If you come late once again, I’ll __________ you!

Part 2

1. __________ in winter.

2. The book isn’t interesting for __________ (me and my boyfriend).

3. There __________ in the bottle.

4. I'm an economist. __________ a very interesting job.

5. The film __________.

6. __________ Matt teach Spanish or French?

7. Every first weekend of the month he __________ football with his colleagues.

8. Sorry, I’m busy. I __________ dinner.

9. This scarf is __________ than that one.

10. He __________ you anything, as I asked him to keep this.

11. Who __________ him yesterday?

12. I like __________ it.

13. I heard that you were in Bulgaria last month. Tell me about __________ culture, please.

14. When I __________TV, my husband was cooking dinner.

15. When Matt _________ this book, he will bring it back.

16. I can't believe that this is Mary! Why __________ this ugly dress?

17. How many people __________ with Jason yesterday?

18. It was such a great trip! I was in Sophia on Sunday, then I flew to Burgas and __________ to Moscow only on Thursday.

19. This is your first day in our group. __________ everyone?

20. Stop cheating! You risk __________ all your money nad life!

21. don’t like this band. Neither __________ he.

22. I can’t open the door! I __________ my key.

23. Didn’t you know about his birthday? You should __________ him a present.

24. If you _______ the test you would have entered the university. But you didn't.

25. His shoes are wet. He ________ the car, but it’s still dirty.

26. I don’t earn much so I can’t afford it. I wish I __________ more money.

27. Coca Cola __________ for more than a century, and is still a very popular drink all over the world.

28. You are so dirty! Where __________?

29. He __________, and that's why nobody was searching for him.

30. He told me he __________ come back next week.

Part 3

Заполните пропуски нужными словами:

1. Я собираюсь прочитать эту книгу.

I this book.

2. Он предложил жить вместе.

He suggested together.

3. Этот рассказ был написан давным-давно.

This story long time ago.

4. Они должны принять это решение сами.

They should decide .

5. Ты что-то готовишь?


6. Это самый интересный день в моей жизни!

This is the day in my life.

7. Я люблю плавать.

I love .

8. Надо заставить его прийти.

You need to make .

9. Давно ты меня уже ждешь?

for me long?

10. Говорят, он купил дом.

He to have bought a house.

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